About Studio Shanghai

Studio Shanghai is an architecture firm and team who believe that the building of habitable structures is not an exercise in theoretical design or a prescient inspiration of an individual designer or architect. Instead, we work with culture, climate, physical and spiritual elements, and flora and fauna of the region to make places that help people know where they are, and by extension know whom they are. In other words, we are dedicated to creating places in which people feel they belong.

Studio Shanghai has planned and designed many cities, villages, buildings, and interiors to uphold a sense of lively and vibrant accessibility. Shanghai Xintiandi was our architectural practice first project in Shanghai China and has grown to be an integral part of Shanghai and its culture. Soldier Fields Stadium in Chicago, USA transcended the conventions of stadium design. For many years, we lived in ancient houses of Dong Hua Li in Foshan to learn the physical and spiritual language of the region before we designed anything for Lingnan Tiandi.

Moreover, the best is yet to come.


Studio Shanghai is an international and dedicated team. Under the leadership of Mr. Ben Wood and two partners, the team has more than 20 people, constantly exploring the new connection between form and function, to create an excellent space feeling for people.

Principal & Founder

Ben Wood

Mr. Ben Wood graduated from the Civil Engineering Department of the University of North Carolina in 1969. He served as a pilot in the US Air Force for six years. He studied law, worked as a developer, and operated a restaurant. He received master degree in architecture from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in 1984. His first famous work in China is Xintiandi, a comprehensive cultural and entertainment project in Shanghai.

Benjamin Wood’s professional career spans 35 years of creating internationally acclaimed destinations that are both culturally and commercially successful, such as Tiandi series projects locating in Hangzhou, Wuhan, Chongqing, Foshan, Shanghai hongqiao (The Hub) and Ruihong.

Ben's most notable project outside of China is the Chicago Bears Stadium (New Soldier field). New York Times ranked the renovated Soldier Field as one of the ten best new buildings of 2003. The American Institute of Architects awarded it in design excellence in 2004.

Partner & Design Director

Zhong Tao

Zhong Tao graduated from the Architecture Department of Southwest Jiaotong University. Then he worked in Chengdu Architectural Design and Research Institute for years. He received his master degree from the Spatial Planning Department of University of Dortmund in Germany in 2005 (Sponsored by DAAD). The projects he is responsible for include Chongqing Tiandi, Hongqiao Tiandi, Reconstruction of Wuhan Zhongshan Avenue, etc.

Partner & Design Director

William Wang

Wang Wenhao graduated from Donghua University in 2009 with bachelor degree in Environmental Art Design. He is particularly good at using 3D software-aided design and has a master degree in architecture design from University of Michigan. The projects he is responsible for include the renovation of the old factory building in Jing'an Xinyefang, the second phase of Guangzhou Enning Road etc.

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